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Sunday, July 15, 2018  | 

About Holy Communion

As a member congregation of the ELCA, we practice "Eucharistic Hospitality", which means all Baptized Christians who wish to join us at the Lord's table are welcome to do so. We believe that Jesus is truly present in this sacrament and that we receive Him with the elements of bread and wine, whereby we also receive His gracious love and forgiveness and are united and equipped to carry on our ministries. Anyone wishing not to receive wine may signal the communion assistant that they would prefer grape juice by holding up one finger as the assistant approaches.

Children who do not yet receive Communion are welcome to come to the table to receive a blessing. To help our communion assistants, children are asked to keep their hands below the communion rail or folded in front of them. Children who do receive the Sacrament should reach up for it as the assistants approach.

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