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Tuesday, November 24, 2020  | 

What is the "Family GIG"?

The Family GIG is a contemporary, praise-style worship service starting at 9:45 am for children and 10:00 am for adults.

The purpose of the Family GIG (which stands for “Growing in Grace” – the St. Luke’s motto) is to provide a place for families with children to “praise, learn and grow together.” (Of course, people without children are welcome too!)

What is unique about this event is that children and adults focus on the same Bible story on any given Sunday. The children begin in their grade appropriate classes while parents can help them get settled in, or just enjoy some coffee and fellowship with other adults. This begins at 9:45 am.

Beginning at 10:00 am, the parents and other adults are invited to join in a service of praise flavored with a contemporary edge and focusing on the same Bible story the children are studying in Sunday School. At 10:30, the children will join in the worship and praise and bring with them any songs, skits, art work, lessons, etc. which will connect with the scripture the adults have also been hearing about.

Following their time together in praise and learning, the family leaves with this experience in common, ready to “Grow in Grace” in the week ahead. Some take-along materials will help the family continue the growing together at home.

That’s the Family “GIG” and you are invited to join us. Come “Praise, Learn and Grow Together!!


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